Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Master Bedroom design And Decorating Ideas

Master Bedroom design And Decorating Ideas
Master Bedroom design Ideas
Master Bedroom Interior designs
Bedroom design Ideas
Bedroom Interior designs
Bedroom Interior design Ideas
Bedroom Interior designs
Bedroom designs
Master Bedroom Interior designs
Bedroom Interior designs

There are quite a few considerations to make when deciding how to decorate and style your master bedroom suite. Do you have the right kind of lighting? Do you have different zones for resting and activity? Have you chosen appropriate colors? Get the answers to these questions and many more.

The Layout of a Master Bedroom

Determing where the furniture goes in a master bedroom helps set the tone for decorating and lighting. Normally you want a space for sleeping, for relaxing, and for dressing. If you have a dressing area or walk-in closet with dressers, you may exclude this area in the master bedroom.

When you walk in the room, which wall do you see first? This is often the best option for where to put the headboard of your bed. The wall you see first is the focal point, so you should situate your bed there and design wall accessories and curtains to make note of this fact. You don't want to walk in a bedroom and see the footboard poking out from the side of the room.

Place dressers and other bureaus that hold furniture in a place close to the closet. This will give you one general region where dressing can be done and allow you to have the appropriate lighting in just one location.

Many people like to have a small desk or comfortable reading chair in their bedroom. Ideally this would be placed in a cozy corner or by a fireplace or next to a window.

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