Thursday, December 6, 2012

Books, Books, and More Books

While in Toronto, I was part of an interesting conversation about design and books led by the founder of Indigo Books, Heather Reisman.  She said there are two types of book lovers.  The first are voracious readers who always have a book with them and buy a new book before they finished with their current book.  The second are book collectors, people who love books because they are beautiful and remind them of certain times in their life.  Clearly I fall in the latter category as I think most people do in the worlds of design and fashion. I admire books not just for their content but their beautiful covers and history.  I love to display them so I can see them each day.  This was definitely something I thought about when working on my book Creativity at Work.  It's rare that people sit down to read coffee table books but I'm thrilled that so many are doing just that and also love its orange cover.  In honor of all the book collectors out there, I've put together a compilation of my favorite libraries and bookshelves.  Enjoy. 

via Elle Decor

Kelly Klein Residence

Julia Leach via Lonny

Estee Stanley via Lonny

Minnie Mortimer

Minnie Mortimer

via Nuevo Estilo 

Stefano Tonchi

via Elle Decor

via Domino

Diane Von Furstenberg

Blair Voltz Clarke via Lonny

via Lonny

Veere Greeney

via Domino

Julia Leach

Lorenzo Castillo

Nigella Lawson

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