Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Art Smart

As I was decorating for Christmas, I ended up rearranging my artwork. It also got me thinking of art placement and how important it is to be able to see my favorite works.  And wishing I had more walls.  I especially love gallery wall arrangements, art sitting on shelves and overhung hallways.  Enjoy!

David Netto

Malene Birge

Malene Birger

David Netto

Giorgio Guidotti in Harper's Bazaar

Anna Wintour's old gallery wall at Vogue

Julia Leach's apartment .

Beth Rudin DeWoody in Elle Decor.

Nate Berkus

Beth Rudin DeWoody in Elle Decor.

Nathan Turner

India Hicks and David Flint Wood home in the Bahamas.

Elle Decor

Richard Mishaan in Elle Decor.

Jonathan Adler

Kate and Andy Spade

Steven Gambrel design in Elle Decor. 

House Beautiful

Steven Gambrel in Elle Decor.

Nate Berkus

J.Crew Men's Madison Avenue Store.  Photo by me.

Chris Benz Showroom.  Photo by Joseph D'Arco.

Charlotte Moss

Miles Redd

Nate Berkus in Elle Decor. 

Carlos Mota apartment in Elle Decor. 

Frederic Malle old apartment via Men's Vogue. 

Elle Decor

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