Monday, December 12, 2011

The Cat's Pajamas

I'm more of a nightgown girl but lately I've been thinking of buying some pajamas.  They always make a fun gift for the holidays and are perfect for coming down to breakfast on Christmas morning. They also used to be just for the bedroom but many are making their way outside.  The only people who used to be able to wear pajamas out of the house were Hugh Hefner and Julian Schnabel but now fashionistas are making them street chic.

Sofia Coppola designed a set for Louis Vuitton.

Caroline Seibert in Louis Vuitton.

The Louis Vuitton pair also have a matching helmet.  Just in case you have to make a mad dash in the middle of the night on your Vespa I guess.

Coco Chanel wore men's pajamas as seen in Coco Before Chanel.

Julian Schnabel used to wear Olatz pajamas designed by his wife but not sure if she lets him now that he's taken up with another woman.

I think Audrey Hepburn is really wearing the robe but I love the contrast piping and bright blue color. 

Ryan Gosling got into the act with Ferragamo. Not sure how I feel about this look.

Paul Newman spends much of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof lounging in his pajamas while resting his broken leg.

Obviously pajamas as outerwear look best at night and in silky fabrics.  A pair of Roger Vivier heels cerrtainly don't hurt as seen on Jessica Alba.

Chinoiserie style silk pajamas could be worn to host a party. Model Mary Jane Russell modeled them with a turban in Vogue in 1953.

If anyone can make pajamas look chic, it's Italian fashion editor Viviana Volpicella.

I prefer pajamas or pants that look like them without the matching top.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look cute in polka dot pajamas.

Blair Waldorf looks regel in red silk pajamas.

There was even a movie called The Pajama Game.

Boys should wear more matching pajamas.

Cameron Diaz wore Frette in The Holiday.

A mismatched pair of pajamas worn during fashion week.

Rock Hudson and other male stars were required to wear pajamas on screen. 

Coco Avant Chanel

Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn in pajamas. 

Shala Monroque out and about in her pair.

Cary Grant chatted with Ingrid Bergman on the telephone in his pajamas in the film Indiscreet.

Jimmy Stewart is on screen in multiple pairs of pajamas in Rear Window.

The blue pair matched Jimmy Stewart's eyes.

I usually love everything Rachel Roy wears but the glasses and pulled back hair made her look ready for bed not the red carpet.

The boys of The Darjeeling Limited

Gwyneth Patrow apparently reads cookbooks in her pajamas.

I actually did own this pair that Meg Ryan wears in You've Got Mail.

Greta Garbo looking chic in stripes.

Sophia Loren also looked sexy in stripes.

Julian Schnabel should button up before he catches a cold.

Claudette Colbert has a pair of pajamas in red stripes that someone should definitely remake.  I'm off to find myself a pair now.  Just not sure I'm brave enough to wear them out of house.  How about you?

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