Sunday, November 11, 2012


I've had many full circle moments since starting my blog but I never expected to have one in Toronto.  In 2008, I remember pouring of the new Christian Liaigre book that was published that same year.  I even posted photos of the gardens of one of the projects featured in it called Rosedale.  On the night I arrived in Toronto, I was invited to dinner at that same home.  It is even more stunning in person and I wish I had walked slower to the cocktail area so I could take it all in.  One of the things that Christian Liaigre does better than anyone is juxtaposing clean, contemporary design with antiques and pieces with curves.  Every detail is thought out including the hardware on the doors which we all noticed. My favorite part though which I've never seen anywhere else was the fireplace off the foyer where you take off your coat.  Talk about a warm welcome. 

N.B. Many of you in Toronto know the owners of this home.  Can you please refrain from naming them in the comments.  I'd like to preserve their privacy.  Thanks!

Photos from Liaigre

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